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Annual Funding Opportunities for Athletes 

There are a number of funding opportunities for athletes in the territory. You can find out more about them at Sport Yukon or by visiting their website here: 

The Yukon Gymnastic Association also has one annual bursary application for competitive gymnasts for the amount $350. Two bursaries are distributed annually and the application will be available on our website in the Fall. 

Athlete Fundraising Committee 

We have a new committee for 2022 - The Athlete Fundraising Committee - ran by Lisa Hurley & Aura-lea Harper with administrative support from Ewan Campbell!

The Athlete Fundraising Committee will be hosting a variety events this season where athletes can sign up to fundraising money for their competitive team expenses. The first event of the season is the "Competitive Team Garage Sale" 

You can find out more or sign up for events by e-mailing [email protected] 

Please note that athlete travel fundraising events do not count toward parent commitment hours. Parent commitment hours are for tasks that benefit the club and team as a hole - the athlete fundraising committee focuses on putting funds directly in the pockets of individual families on the team.