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*Covid Updates January 10th*

1. Winter Vaccination Policy: Polarettes Gymnastics Club follows recommendations set out by the Chief Medical Officer of Health. As such, we will not require proof of vaccination for athletes 11 years or younger. All persons 12 years and older must show proof of vaccination.            

2. Masking; we require all participants who are 5 years or older to be masked at all times. If a child is unable to wear a mask due to an exemption, they can still participate, but please just contact us so we can make the coach aware.

3. Cleaning Protocols; our staff has been reminded of the cleaning protocols required for our facility. 

4. Maximum compacity limit of 24 people in the gym. Due to this limit viewing will be closed during rentals so parents will not be able to attend to watch

Hey Teachers!

Did you know you can bring your entire class in for a gymnastics class for only $30?

We are now accepting bookings for the 2021/2022 School year!

To book a school rental, contact Alysia at [email protected] or call at 867-668-4794. 

Please have the following information ready at booking:

  1. School Name

  2. Teacher name, phone number, and email contact

  3. Grade level participating

  4. Approx. class size

  5. A class list including names and ages

  6. Any specific skills you would like to focus on.


What we offer: 

  • One (1) NCCP Certified Gymnastics Instructor 

  • One (1) hour in our facility 

  • Instructed classes 

  • Fun, fitness, and gymnastics fundamentals


What you provide:

  • We require a 1 to 8 ratio; Your school is responsible for providing adequate volunteers for class sizes larger than 8 participants.

  • You must provide us with a class list with the names of all the participants (including volunteers, teachers)

  • Teachers/Volunteers are required to help us manage the size of the class. 

Offer is available for registered Yukon schools only.

Cheques can be written to:

Polarettes and Polar Tumblers Gymnastics Club
4061 4th Avenue
Whitehorse, YT 
Y1A 1H1