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Posted March 17th

1)Proof of Vaccination will no longer be required within our facility. 

2)Masking will now be optional within our facility.
3)Please only come to class if in excellent health: If your child becomes sick or has any covid symptoms you please stay home. If participants come to class with symptoms they will be sent home. You call email us at to let our staff know if you are unable to attend due to illness.
4)Hand washing and sanitizing are required in our space, if you or your child need a special hand sanitizer or soap due to sensitive skin or personal preference, please pack it with them or clip it onto their water bottle for easy access. Our sanitizer is alcohol-based. 
5)Bring a small water bottle. Our water fountain is currently closed, but the water bottle filling function is still operating. Our coaches have water bottle carriers to bring the bottles around the gym for the kids, extra-large Nalegan bottles do not fit in the carriers - please pack a smaller one.



We're working hard to keep our community safe and healthy; here's what you should expect when you come to our gym.

Before registering 

  • Please read the full Return to Play guidelines and ensure you're comfortable complying with them. By registering, you agree to follow our club rules and guidelines. 

  • Members are responsible for being up-to-date with guideline changes, checking e-mails, and reading the website to ensure their informed. No refunds will be provided if you choose not to inform yourself. 

  • We have one new waiver required by our insurance agency for participation in our programs. It will be e-mailed out before your first class and should be brought to the first day of classes. Hard copies are also available at the gym. Please ensure forms are completed in full. It must be returned to the gym before your next class with us by e-mail to or in paper hard-copy. 

    • Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks, and Indemnity Agreement - Download Here

Arriving at the gym and leaving the gym 

  • Masks are recommended in our space as per Yukon Health guidelines. 

  • Members must sanitize their hands before proceeding upstairs.

  • Come dressed to play; our bathrooms are small and could crowd easily 

  • Parents and guardians should follow the directions for viewing outlined in their welcome e-mail. Some classes have limited viewing due to lack of space

  • Bring a small water bottle filled with water and a bag to safely store the child's mask if it's removed during exercise. 

  • Place all items into the bins required - bins are sanitized after every class. 

  • All participants must wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before entering the equipment area.

  • We are using a 1-way traffic flow - members should follow the floor markers. Parents should come to the back door for pick up. 

During the Class or Camp

  • Staff have the option to wear, or not wear, a mask in our space. 

  • Staff are unable to spot unless a safety risk - we prefer hands-on coaching - they may break physical distancing if there is a safety or health concern. 

  • Participants must sanitize or wash their hands every event rotation unless under the age of 2. If they need a special sanitizer or soap, please pack it with them. Nobody is exempt from washing their hands. 

  • Staff sanitize the equipment throughout the day. Members may see them spraying with foggers - they are spraying water-diluted isopropyl alcohol (the same ingredient used in hand sanitizer)

  • Participants must respect physical distancing and hygiene guidelines and should respect others.

  • If a participant falls ill, we will immediately mask them, isolate them from the group, and contact their parents for immediate pick-up. All other participants will wash their hands, and our staff will clean the equipment again if it hasn't been already. 

Program Closures 

  • Birthday parties will resume August 21, 2021

  • Open gym has returned to full capacity as of May 27th, 2021

  • School group rentals have returned and may be booked before June 12, 2021

  • Spectating for most programs remains limited, and large group bookings are closed until further notice. 


  • No refunds will be issued. 

  • If we cancel a class, we will provide an equivalent value credit for future use. All other withdraws follow our regular cancellation policy outlined upon registration. 

  • The gym is professionally cleaned every night by our amazing janitorial team.

  • Return to Play guidelines are regularly updated to follow Yukon Health protocols.

  • Our club is closed to the public. We always know exactly who is in the club, when. Contact tracing is easy - though we hope it's never required. 

Scroll down in the PDF viewer to read our 
Return to Play Plan or download it HERE

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