Mental Training in Competition Season

As our competitive athletes prepare for the upcoming peak of competition season, this article had some great tips! Read the original by Tony Retrosi here "6 Steps for Pregame Mental Preparation: 1. Transition from life to sports and enter the role of the athlete. Focus only on the role of athlete and park any worries from life. 2. Discard outcome expectations or strict demands. Let go of the expectations you feel to be perfect or win. 3. Be proactive with confidence prior to competition. Take full control of your confidence level before the start. 4. Focus on execution or the process and not results. Stay into the moment and don’t think too far ahead. 5. Rehearse your performance and game plan. Visualize how you want to perform and execute you meet. 6. Prepare your mind and body to trust in your skills. Get ready to become a performer and stop practicing so you can get into the zone."

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