Drop in Age Requirements

We love drop in! It's a great time for community members to come and get some extra practice in, work out, or try out something new. We want our members to enjoy their time in the gym while staying safe and healthy. With the safety, well being and enjoyment of our members in mind, we have decided it is necessary to change the age requirements for our drop in programs. Effective September 21st, 2016 the follow changes have been made and will be enforced: * Adult Drop In is now 18+ Members who look underage will be required to present photo ID * Youth Drop In is now for ages 10 to 17 * Family Drop In is now for ages 9 and under (Parent Required) * Preschool Drop In is still for tots under 6 (Parent Required) We thank you all for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. The Polarettes and Polar Tumblers Gymnastics Club staff have expressed that some of our drop in members have not being following the club rules, and have been disrespectful to our staff. We have an obligation to our club and community to keep our members safe. Drop in members who are disrespectful to our space and do not follow our safety rules will be asked to leave. We would also like to take this time to remind everyone of our basic safety rules for drop in: *No double flipping forward, sideways or backwards - Our coaches will ask you to leave if we see doubles being performed. *Our coaches have FINAL say in gym rules. If they ask you not to do something we expect your cooperation.

* Please respect our facility. We pride ourselves in the great facility we offer Whitehorse. Help us keep it a fun place to go by respecting our washrooms, waiting area and equipment. * Follow all gym, pit, and trampoline rules - they are all posted in the gym and on the walls. * Listen to our professional coaching staff. We thank you for understanding Kimberly Jones Head Coach Polarettes Gymnastics Club

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