Saturday Class Announcement

We have modified Saturday mornings a little bit to reduce entryway traffic during snowsuit/boot season. This will slightly reduce the number of kids we can accommodate so be sure to be online and ready on the 21st.

We love our members and are so excited that our membership has grown so large! We now have the coaching staff to accommodate more classes, but we are at capacity for our facility. Fitting in more kids is just too chaotic at the entry way. The best solution we can come up with is to expand our facility in the future to improve our entry way, bathrooms and viewing area so we can meet the growing demand for gymnastics in the Yukon.

Until then we will be implementing these temporary changes:

* Reducing parented toddler class sizes from 10 to 8

* Starting parented toddler classes 15 minutes after our un-parented classes so they can warm up on the floor without so much chaos for our littlest gymnasts

* Reduce the number of classes starting/ending at once to 6 or 4 (depending on the hour).Which means approximately 32 to 48 less kids & their families per hour will be coming and going from the gym

* Add more classes in the afternoon and weekdays to direct some of the traffic to slower times of the day

* Increase coach to student ratio during busy times

* Replace the entryway carpeting - Hurrah!

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