Flip for the Future is Back!

November 2, 2017

Hey Team!

If you love gymnastics as much as we do, you probably LOVE the idea of having a bigger facility and MORE fun equipment here in Whitehorse! 

Our second annual Flip for the Future Gym-A-Thon is a fundraiser aimed at building a better future for our club. All proceeds will go towards gym facility improvements and equipment. 

Last year our community raised $6,000 with this fundraiser and this year our goal is to raise $10,000.

What is Flip for the Future? 

Flip for the Future is a Gym-A-Thon; participants register for the event via our Amilia registration system for their age category and then do as many cartwheels and somersaults as they can in 45 minutes. 

What does a typical session of Flip for the Future look like? 

10 minutes before the event: Participants check in at the registration desk 
5 minute welcome message and rules from the organizers
15 minute general warm up lead by our energetic staff
15 minutes of cartwheels/somersaults round 1
5 minute mandatory break for water/rest
15 minutes of cartwheels/somersaults round 2 
5 minute mandatory break for water/rest
15 minutes of cartwheels/somersaults round 3 
15-30 minute rest/games while we tally the final scores 
15-25 minutes of awards & gift handouts 

Great music, great energy and a LOT of fun! 

What are the categories? 

Child: 9 and under
Youth: 10 to 12
Teen: 13 to 18
Adult: 19+ 
Coaches: All Polarettes Staff

What time is each session? 

All sessions will take place on Saturday, November 25th

Child - 10:00AM to Noon 
Youth - Noon to 2:00PM
Teen - Noon to 2:00PM 
Adult - 2:00PM to 4:00PM 
Coaches - 2:00PM to 4:00PM 

How can I win prizes? 

Everyone will leave with a special thank you gift from the Polarettes 

Each age category has two major prizes 

#1: Most skills completed in 45 minutes 
#2: Most funds raised by an individual 

There are also lots of fun prizes being given out this year throughout the gym-a-thon such as: 

Most likely to be sick after :P 
And more...!

Do I have to pay to register? 

No, there is no registration fee for this event. Instead of a registration fee, you go out and get pledges to donate to the club. We ask that a minimum of $10 in pledges is provided. 

What should I wear? 

Tight fitting athletic wear is best, you will be spending a lot of time upside down. 
No buckles, chains or jewelry. 

Can anyone join, or do I have to be an active member of the Polarettes? 

Anyone can join Flip for the Future! We hope to see you all there - Parents included! Join the Adult session with us! 

Thank you, 



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