Spring Cleaning Success

Thank you to our amazing dedicated members for making our Spring cleaning a success! Our club was turned upside down and disinfected from top to bottom. The gym will reopen Tuesday, April 3rd for our Spring Session and all drop ins will resume. Here are some gym clean FAQ's How often does the gym gets cleaned?

Caring for a gymnastics centre is a HUGE undertaking and takes a lot of dedication to be well maintained. Proper maintenance ensures the proper safety and health of our members. Sometimes we hear from members who are concerned about the amount of "dust" in the gymnastics centre; This dust is not your average dust however, what you're seeing is a combination of chalk and foam particles from our popular activities taking place. When hundreds of users each week come through the gym, chalk and foam bits do accumulate despite our constant vacuuming; this is the nature of our sport. Did you know... The club hires professional cleaners who clean the gym a minimum of three evenings a week to ensure our members have a clean, healthy training environment. The clubs management and full-time coaches also assist with the regular cleaning of the gym throughout the week and the club hosts a quarterly major gym clean where volunteers and staff come out to turn everything upside down and get into all the nooks and crannies in the gym for a deep cleaning. Our mats are cleaned with natural cleaning solutions! How come the walls are in such rough shape and the roof is always leaking? As hard as we try to keep the gym looking spectacular, it's hard to really leave the impression we want with the current state of the walls and roof. We recently painted the bathrooms and large purple walls to give them a face lift, and two major roof leaks were repaired but ultimately our facility is in need of some attention. Our not-for-profit gymnastics club is currently heavily fundraising and campaigning for an expansion and some much needed facility maintenance and upgrades. Our facility is leased, but our club cares so deeply about this project that we are committed to raising up to 15% of the estimated project costs. How can you help? If we all do a little, we can accomplish a lot. 1. Ensure you are being neat and tidy in the gymnastics centre 2. Tidy up, and help remind our community to care for the facilities we have 3. Remember to remove your shoes when heading onto carpeted areas in the club, upstairs or into the bathrooms 4. Fundraise for facility upgrades; You could buy a raffle ticket, or pick up a book to sell 5. Volunteer at a gym clean; We send out regular e-mails and facebook posts looking for volunteers Thank you, Whitehorse for being such a supportive community! Happy Easter everyone!

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