Complete your Certification

Wondering how to become a certified gymnastics coach? It's worth it; earning your certified status will give you the skills you need to provide quality gymnastics programming at Polarettes.

Earning your certified status will:

* Give you the skills you need to coach the foundations of gymnastics

* Give you the skills to create lesson plans for your classes

* Ensure you are protected as a gymnastics coach by Gymnastics BC

* Build your resume for future jobs and positions

* Earn you a raise

How to complete your certification:

  1. Check out the "Becoming a Gymnastics Foundations Coach" guidelines here

  2. Download, Print and Complete the "Gymnastics Foundations Evaluation Guide" here

  3. Contact Tania Doyle, our Yukon Gymnastics Foundations Evaluations Master at [email protected] to set up time for her to evaluate your class. Tania will watch you coach a lesson. The lesson you provide should match the lesson you wrote in your Portfolio when you completed the Gymnastics Foundations Evaluation Guide.

  4. Tania will provide you with feedback on your coaching; There are two possible outcomes:You will pass and earn your certified status or you will be given areas to improve on and Tania will come back to reevaluate you

  5. Once you have been evaluated and passed, you will earn your certification, your raise will be implemented the following pay cycle and the Yukon Gymnastics Association will update your online locker account.

You will now be eligible to further your education as a Gymnastics Professional! Congrats!

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