Drop in Age Requirements

We love drop in! It's a great time for community members to come and get some extra practice in, work out, or try out something new. We want our members to enjoy their time in the gym while staying safe and healthy. With the safety, well being and enjoyment of our members in mind, we have decided it is necessary to change the age requirements for our drop in programs. Effective September 21st, 2016 the follow changes have been made and will be enforced: * Adult Drop In is now 18+ Members who look underage will be required to present photo ID * Youth Drop In is now for ages 10 to 17 * Family Drop In is now for ages 9 and under (Parent Required) * Preschool Drop In is still for


Thank you, Yukon! With your support, our numbers have increased substantially since 2011 (5 years): Boys registration is up 215% Girls registration is up 160% Waitlist lines are up 3525% We are continually growing, since Fall 2015 our membership has increased: 53% increase in boys registration 19% increase in girls registration 530% increase in waitlist lines 32% increase in overall registrations As of 2016 our membership is 39% male and 61% female. Our community reach has also improved, since 2011: In 2011 our records show we served 1 community schools and 6 Whitehorse schools, now in 2016 we now regularly serve 7 communities and at least 12 Whitehorse schools including collaboratin

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