Membership to Polarettes Gymnastics Club


Our annual membership is required for anyone taking classes or participating in our programs.
Membership is not required to book a birthday party or school class

As of September 1st, 2021 you will now have full access to all drop-in time slots as part of your standard club membership. 

This means that if your child has a membership, they automatically will get free drop-in for the entire season.


Standard Club Membership also includes:


Insurance coverage with Gymnastics BC
Membership with Yukon Gymnastic Association 
Membership with Gymnastics Canada 
Membership with Polarettes 
Voting rights at our annual general meeting 
New this year: Free drop-in for the entire year 
New this year: 5 buddy passes to bring a friend who isn't a member to drop in with you (for example, grandma is in town, etc..) 

This year our dues to GymBC and GymCan increased due to their low membership numbers caused by COVID-19, this has caused us to have to increase our membership fee again to cover the costs we pay to our sport governing bodies. 

We do everything we can to keep our rates as low as possible, we really feel the price is getting high, so we determined we would make drop-in free for all members from now on. We understand it is getting expensive, and we were upset this year to find out our costs had increased substantially again. 


We are a not-for-profit and do our best to keep our programming high quality and affordable for members. 
If you need funding assistance, please contact us to learn more about your options at 867-668-4794


If your family only uses drop-in and doesn't attend our classes or other services, you can purchase our new "family drop-in only membership" - See our Open Gym page for more details