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Club Rules

Here are detailed safety rules in place at Polarettes:


Our drop-in programs have a capacity limit of 35 people, including all persons, from infants to adults. ​


Beginning July 1st, 2019, trampoline products, including but not limited to trampolines, tumble tracks, and mini-trampolines, will not be used during drop-in or birthday parties due to insurance limitations issued by Gymnastics BC.


All trampoline apparatus will be closed during drop-in times with a large cover. Supervising staff will strictly enforce this rule. An inflatable Tumble Track will be available for participants wishing to bounce!

General Safety Rules

Supervision Requirement:

  • All children must be accompanied by an adult responsible for their supervision throughout the session.

  • Club staff and instructors are present to monitor activities and ensure safety. Still, they are not a substitute for parental supervision.

Appropriate Attire:

  • Participants should wear appropriate, well-fitting gym attire (e.g., leotards, athletic shorts, and t-shirts).

  • No jewelry, belts, or baggy clothing that could get caught or cause injury.

  • Participants with long hair should be tied back to prevent it from getting in the way.


  • For better grip and stability, participants should wear bare feet, grippy socks, or gymnastics shoes.

  • Participants must remove street shoes before entering the gym to keep the surfaces clean.


  • All participants should engage in a proper warm-up routine to prepare their muscles and reduce the risk of injury.

Equipment Use

One at a Time:

  • Only one person should use equipment at a time to prevent collisions and injuries.

  • Participants should wait their turn and follow any queue systems or instructions provided by staff.

Proper Use of Equipment:

  • Equipment should only be used for its intended purpose. For example, equipment should be used for skill development, not roughhousing or building forts.

  • Participants should only use equipment that is within their skill level or training.

Mats and Safety Zones:

  • Participants must use mats appropriately and ensure they are positioned correctly to provide safety during landings and falls.

  • There are no running games, such as tag, hide-and-seek, or playing under the mats, to prevent tripping or collisions.

Specific Limitations:

  • Double flipping forward, sideways, or backward is NEVER permitted at the drop-in. 

  • Wall flipping is NEVER allowed in our club. Our walls are fragile, and you WILL put a hole in the wall if you try a wall flip. Please respect this rule and our facility. 

Behavior and Conduct

No Roughhousing:

  • Rough play, pushing, shoving, and other aggressive behavior are strictly prohibited.

  • Respect for fellow participants is mandatory; everyone should have a safe and positive experience.


Awareness of Surroundings:

  • Participants should be aware of their surroundings and avoid moving into the path of others using equipment.

  • There are no running or fast movements in areas not designated for such activities.

Health and Hygiene

Hydration and Breaks:

  • Participants should take regular breaks to drink water and stay hydrated, especially during intense activity.

  • Participants may bring a water bottle into the gym area, but only water is permitted. Coffee, pop, juice, or other beverages that could damage equipment if spilled are also prohibited. Food is never allowed in the equipment area; please use the kitchen upstairs.


Health Precautions:

  • Participants should only attend if they feel well and are free from any  injuries that could be exacerbated by physical activity.

  • Hygiene practices, such as sanitizing hands, should be followed to maintain a clean environment.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Exits and Procedures:

  • Participants and supervising adults should be aware of emergency exits and procedures.

  • In case of an injury or accident, staff should be notified to provide first aid or call emergency services if necessary.


Adherence to Rules:

  • All participants and supervisors must adhere strictly to the club’s safety rules.

  • Our staff can restrict elements for individuals they believe pose a risk to themselves or others.

  • Staff reserves the right to remove participants who breach safety rules for their safety and the safety of others.  

  • Following these safety rules helps create a secure and enjoyable environment for everyone.

  • Polarettes is a non-profit facility that provides a safe, respectful environment for our community to train. Participants who disrespect others or our facility will be prohibited from attending drop-in. We reserve the right to refuse service on the grounds of disrespectful behavior. 

Important Announcement 

Due to changes in the insurance coverage for gymnastics activities, Gymnastics BC insurance will no longer permit the use of trampolines during unstructured programs. As of July 1st, 2019 there will be no use of trampoline products, including but not limited to, trampolines, tumble track and mini-trampoline's during drop in and birthday parties

All trampoline apparatus will be closed during drop in and birthday party times with mats and signage, and this rule will be strictly enforced by supervising staff. Our air track and air spot devices will be set up and have been a great addition to the gyms equipment collection. 


Trampoline products will still be open in all structured classes where proper safety and usage can be better monitored. We encourage everyone to take a class to stay bouncing and learn the amazing skills that bouncing teachers :) 

Thank you for your corporation and understanding

Trampoline, Tumble Track and Mini Tramp Usage 

As of July 1st, 2019 the following rules will be strictly enforced regarding usage of trampoline products:

  • Use of trampoline, tumble track and mini tramp products will be prohibited in all birthday party and drop in

  • Trampoline and all trampoline products may be used under the direct supervision of a certified trampoline coach, by registered members who are being taught trampoline in a controlled and structured class setting only 

  • Sport groups may be exempt with proof of additional trampoline insurance and permission of our insurance agent

  • A trampoline liability sub-limit is in place for all structured recreational class use. Registration in Polarettes programming requires the acknowledgement and agreement to the following insurance liability sub-limit: Structured recreational programs (considered regularly scheduled programs over multiple weeks or multiple days in one week that teach progressive skill development) may use trampoline devices, however this area of programming comes with a liability sub-limit of $500,000 per occurrence with an annual total combined limit across all Gymnastics BC member clubs (Including Yukon and NWT) of $1,000,000.

During classes, the following rules are in place during use of trampoline products:

  • Always listen to the safety instructions and rules set forth by the certified coach 

  • One at a time on the trampoline(s), including parents with children and young babies. Coaches may use spotting techniques that they have been professionally trained to perform to assist children 

  • Always safety stop and walk off the trampoline to exit the trampoline 

  • Absolutely no double flipping elements forward, sideways or backwards unless registered in a competitive trampoline program and supervised by an NCCP Level 3 Certified coach 

  • Follow all guidelines laid out in safety signs

  • If the coach has closed the trampoline for any reason, please respect that the apparatus is closed unless the coach says otherwise

Behaviour Expectations at Gymnastics 

Our club culture is safe, respectful training. All participants are expected to follow the rules of the club, respect themselves and others, and respect the facility. Our environment is open to mature and responsible adults, youth and families who do not put themselves or others at danger.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for unnecessary risk; There is a strict no double-flipping policy at drop in, parties or recreational programs. Those chucking skills, double flipping, or exhibiting dangerous or disrespectful behaviour will be asked to leave. Those appearing to be under the influence of any prohibited substance will be asked to leave and not return.


These rules are strictly enforced and we ask that all participants play a role in helping to keep our space safe and welcoming.

All members agree to abide by the club's Code of Conduct and Ethics which can be viewed here

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