Birthday Parties

 currently closed 


Why no parties?

We opted to close birthday parties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why, you may ask? Here are the obstacles we face: 


  • We need two staff to operate the cleaning and coaching requirements, leaving only 8 people to attend the party, including parents and siblings.

  • Our upstairs only had adequate spacing for 6 people to physical distance, which means our kitchen and table area is closed. 

  • Our foam pit is currently closed because we cannot clean it thoroughly between uses.

  • Our trampolines remain closed due to the changes to our insurance in 2019 

In summary:

No foam pit + no trampolines + no kitchen/table area + only 8 kids allowed including the parents/siblings = not much of a party 

We've temporarily added classes during our party time slots; we will revisit if we can run parties in the Fall of 2021.