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About Us

At Polarettes and Polar Tumblers Gymnastics Club, we dedicate our time to promoting gymnastics as a sport and a way of life within our community. Our commitment to fostering a healthy, fun, active, and inclusive community is at our heart.

Our Vision

We envision a vibrant, local community where everyone experiences the joy and benefits of sport and physical activity. We aim to encourage lifelong enjoyment of gymnastics and physical fitness for all.

Our Guiding Beliefs

Inclusivity and Diversity: We are committed to embracing inclusivity and diversity in our sport and community. Everyone, regardless of their background or abilities, should have the opportunity to participate and thrive in gymnastics.

Safety First: The safety of our athletes, volunteers, and staff is our top priority. We adhere to stringent safety protocols to ensure a secure and supportive environment for all participants.

Empowering Women and Girls: We are passionate about building a solid foundation for women and girls to achieve their aspirations. We empower our female athletes to reach their full potential by providing robust development programs.

Community Partnerships: Strengthening our ties with other community-based sports organizations benefits all Yukoners. We value collaboration and believe that working together enhances the overall sporting ecosystem.

Valuing Volunteers and Staff: Our volunteers and staff are the backbone of our club. We honour and deeply appreciate their dedication and contributions, which are vital to our success.

Fostering Lifelong Friendships: We believe in the power of sport to create lasting friendships and cherished memories, forging a tight-knit community that supports and uplifts each other.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire a lifelong commitment to gymnastics and sport by:

Fostering Athlete Development and Coaching Excellence: By offering high-quality coaching and developmental programs, we nurture the skills and passion of our athletes, guiding them toward excellence and growth.

Providing Inclusive Programs: We offer various programs catering to all ages and skill levels, ensuring everyone can find a place in our gymnastics community.

Building Strong Connections: Our club is where athletes and families unite, creating solid bonds and enjoying sports in a friendly, vibrant, and supportive environment.

Celebrating 43 Years of Excellence

2024 marks our 43rd year of helping Yukoners experience the joy of gymnastics and parkour by offering fun programs that all can enjoy. We are proud to announce that parkour is an official sport falling under the gymnastics umbrella internationally, expanding the array of activities we offer our members.

The Power of Gymnastics

Gymnastics has tremendous health and other benefits and is recognized by Sport Canada as one of the three foundational sports (alongside swimming and track & field). As a foundational sport, gymnastics helps develop the motor/physical, emotional, and social literacy skills necessary for success in sport and life. Our programs are an excellent way to build these essential skills.


Polarettes is proud to support the development of strong, healthy, vibrant, and resilient community members. We recognize that having fun with teammates and building a solid foundation of physical literacy skills will help our athletes foster a lifetime of enjoyment in sports and physical activity.

Join Us

At Polarettes, everyone can share the joy and treasured memories that gymnastics delivers. Join us in our mission to inspire a commitment to sport and physical activity. Let's celebrate the incredible benefits of gymnastics together.


We look forward to welcoming you to our gymnastics family!


Our 2024 to 2025 Board of Directors:

President: Dale Kozmen

Vice President: Mike Laluk

Secretary: Michelle Murphy

Treasurer: Amanda Janssens

Director: Greg Hornblower

Director: Lauren Chapman

Director: Hailey Spears

Director: Melissa Tonner

Executive Director: Kimberly Jones (Non-voting)


Sub-Committees of the Board:

Rebranding Committee:

Co-Chairs: Mike Laluk and Greg Hornblower

Member: Lauren Chapman

Member: Hailey Spears

Member: Shay Mortimer

Member: Kimberly Jones

Equipment Procurement Committee:

Chair: Kimberly Jones

Member: Amanda Janssen

Member: Melissa Tonner

Member: Shay Mortimer

Member: Sheila Downie

Member: Alysia Hornblower

Member: Kate Fitzgerald

Fundraising Committee:

Chair: Lisa Hurley

Member: Melissa Tonner

Member: Auralea Harper

Together, let's flip, jump, and tumble our way to a healthier, happier community!

Polarettes Strategic Plan 2022 to 2026

In 2021 and 2022 the Board of Directors commit to a comprehensive strategic planning process to help guide our club into our next chapter.

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