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My Skill Chart

online skill tracking for kids

What is "My Skill Chart"?

Polarettes has gone digital with our student report card system and you can now access their progress online, and see all of the skills that they're working on in each of the levels. 


The My Skill Chart curriculum has been designed specifically for our Yukon gymnastics and parkour levels and programs by our Executive Director and Head Coach, Kimberly Jones. 

Kimberly is an NCCP Competition 4 gymnastics coach with a strong background in development of High Performance athletes across Western Canada. Kimberly has built a program that will take beginners to advanced gymnasts to a place of success, safely advancing in our sport through progressions and strong basics.


Each class you register for has a My Skill Chart Curriculum attached to it . This is the curriculum that our coaches will focus on throughout their lessons. Each curriculum is broken down into the various events, and developmental skills important for students to master as they progress through gymnastics and parkour. 

Once a student has started working on a skill in their gymnastics class, their coach will update their online My Skill Chart profile, and you will be able to view their progress and comments from the coaches. 

Each skill is rated with a 3-star system: 

1 star = attempted/learning
2 star = can complete the skill with assistance OR can do the skill, but with a major technical error
3 star = skill is mastered 

Once the child has mastered 86% of the curriculum, your coach will "level up" the child. When a coach selects that a child is ready to level up, you will receive an e-mail with a certificate of achievement. This is your cue as a parent to start looking at registering them for the next level of gymnastics or parkour. 

At the end of the session, students who have mastered 86% or more of their curriculum will receive their "Mastered" badge.

Students who have completed 85% or less of their curriculum will receive the a card with the percentage they completed, and a Polarettes sticker. These students should re-register in the same level, and take a look at their skill chart to see what skills still need more practice. 


When you register for our programs, you should receive an invitation to create a My Skill Chart account. Once you create an account, you can open the 

To access My Skill Chart you can open it in your browser, or download the app on your phone and should automatically see the charts attached to each of your children. 

If you do not get the My Skill Chart invite, please contact us and we will help you get connected


What classes use the My Skill Chart? 

We begin skill tracking early, in our Bunnies classes. There is no skill tracking at the Bugs or Bumblebees level. 

Our preschool program levels are: 

Bunnies > Badgers > Bears 


Your child can start in any of these programs based on their age, if they are 3 & 4 and starting with us, they will start in Bunnies. If they are older, they may start in Bears. Each of these curriculums has been designed based on the motor development stages of each age category - it's less gymnastics specific, and more about motor skills, social development, and functional movement. 

Our gymnastics recreational program levels are: 

Beginner Gymnastics > Intermediate Gymnastics 1 > Intermediate Gymnastics 2 > Advanced 

Your child should start in Beginner Gymnastics, and advance through each level. 

Our parkour recreational program levels are: 

Beginner Parkour > Intermediate Parkour 1 > Intermediate Parkour 2 > Advanced 

Your child should start in Beginner Parkour, and advance through each level. 


How long does each level normally take to complete?

This is tricky question to answer; for the lower levels, progress may be rapid - Your child may complete the full curriculum in as little as one session (8 weeks), or it may take them two or three sessions. It depends on the individual progress of your child; for safety, it's very important we do not rush the development of children as we teach them to land safely, flip, twist, and fall.

In the higher levels, Intermediate 1, 2, and Advanced it normally would take more than 8 weeks to master a course. Likely two, three, or maybe even four sessions. The more your child practices, the better success they have in mastering these courses. Regular attendance will also help - it would be very unrealistic to expect a child in these levels to progress to the next level in 8 weeks with only a one hour class. 

Encourage them to stick with their goals and keep practicing! 

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