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Babynastics is closed for the season and will reopen in late August/early September. Thank you for everyone who joined us this season; we saw over 3655 visitors throughout the year and are excited to continue to grow this program. 

Details about next year's Babynastics program will go live on July 2nd with our Fall Program Guide.


Discover the joy of Babynastics: A fun drop-in program for families!

Are you a parent looking to bond with your little one while helping them develop essential skills in a fun and engaging environment? Look no further than our Babynastics program! Designed specifically for kids six months to 5 years old, Babynastics offers a fantastic opportunity for new parents and their children to socialize, experience sensory, social, and motor development, and enjoy time together through song, dance, and free play.

We want this to be a space where you can play with your kid(s), meet other parents, have fun, and get out of the house. We are focused on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive development, social development, and play. We won't be teaching your child a cartwheel in this class, but instead focus on giving you the confidence to explore new motor patterns with your child in a safe space


Why choose Babynastics?

Sensory and Motor Development

At Babynastics, we create a stimulating environment tailored to your child's developmental needs. Our activities enhance:

Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Through crawling, climbing, and balancing exercises.

Sensory Exploration: With textures, sounds, and lights designed to engage your child's senses.

Coordination and Balance: Developing stability and control from an early age.

Social Interaction

Socialization is vital to a child's growth. Babynastics provides opportunities for:

Peer Interaction: Your child will interact with other kids, fostering social skills like sharing and playing together.

Parental Bonding: Strengthen the bond with your little one through cooperative activities and playful engagement.

Family Fun

Our program isn't just for the kids—parents have fun, too! Join in the excitement with:

Song and Dance: Enjoy delightful music sessions, encouraging movement and joy.

Interactive Play: Engage in activities you and your child can do together, deepening your connection.

Meet New Friends:
Chat with other new parents, or our friendly coaching staff and make new friends.

Flexible Drop-In Schedule

We know how busy family life can be. That's why Babynastics offers a flexible drop-in schedule that fits seamlessly into your week. There is no need to commit to specific dates—come when it is convenient for you (and works with your current nap schedule, ha!)

Supportive Community

Join a welcoming community of new parents and families. Share experiences, make new friends, and build a support network while your child explores and learns.

What should I expect in a Babynastics session?

Come as you are, arrive when you can, and leave when you're ready. This program is very loosely structured

Welcome Circle: Start the session with a warm welcome and interactive song.

Sensory & Motor Play Stations: Explore different sensory and motor play areas designed to stimulate and engage your child.

Guided Activities: Participate in structured activities focusing on motor skill development and social interaction.

Free Play: Let your child roam and discover in a safe and secure environment at their own pace.

Closing Activities: End with a calming and joyful song, bubbles, or other fun activities planned by our coaches to round off a fun-filled session.

Join the fun, here's how to join:

Date & Time: Our drop-in sessions are currently closed for the summer. Stay tuned for our new schedule, which will go live on July 2nd, 2024. Sessions are available multiple times weekly at various times of the day. Check our schedule for specific days and hours.


Location: Conveniently located at our welcoming gymnastics club attached to the Catholic school in Riverdale at 16 Duke Street, Whitehorse. We are fully equipped with safe, age-appropriate equipment, baby change tables, and a small kitchen space.


Membership is Required: Babynastics requires an annual membership, which covers the cost of you and your child's mandatory insurance provided through Gymnastics BC

No Class Registration Needed: Drop in at a time that works for you.

Affordable Pricing: Competitive rates to ensure every family can enjoy Babynastics.

What else should I know? 

1. The gym is sometimes sensory overload for little ones at first. It's very colorful. It can sometimes be loud. Our mats have a lot of unique textures. It is diverse in many ways for your little one's senses. Some children initially find this overwhelming but then learn to love the space. On your first day, your child might not "play" as much as you expect them to - That's OK. When they build comfort and confidence in the space, they will play more and more. Being in the space is positively developing your little ones' neural pathways - colors, faces, textures, sounds, and movements. They will develop at their own pace.


2. If you're late, still come. It's OK. Sticking to a schedule with a little one is almost impossible. Come when you can and arrive as you are.    


3. We are a safe space for nurses, and if you prefer to use the office, please ask for the space; we're more than happy to give you the room. We also have changing pads in the men's and female washrooms, which are cleaned every night by our professional cleaners. 

Give your child the gift of early development in a nurturing and fun environment, and enjoy quality time together. Babynastics is the perfect place for you and your little one to grow, learn, and play!


We can't wait to welcome you and your child to the wonderful world of Babynastics!

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