Coaching Team

All of the Polarettes Gymnastics Club staff are provided top quality training through regular coach education sessions and are trained with Standard First Aid with CPR C and AED training, National Coaching Certification Program for Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline as well as Respect in Sport Certified. All Polarettes staff also undergo ongoing Criminal Record Checks. 

Management Team These coaches are full time, professional staff who have many years of experience and ample training. They monitor all the coaches in the gym, the day to day activities and the safety of our programs. They are certified, have their first aid training, undergo yearly criminal record & vulnerable sector checks, are respect in sport certified and have gone through the Making Ethical Decisions module.  These coaches assist in training of all staff and supervise our programs and coaching team.

Kimberly Jones


Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC)
Executive Director & Head Coach 



Kimberly has been the Head Coach of Polarettes Gymnastics Club since January 2015. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Kimberly started her gymnastics journey in a small set up and take down style gym in her recreational centre. Her parents signed up her up for her first program when she was just a tiny tot...she was that typical bundle of energy type kid that was bouncing out her jolly jumper. Little did Kimberly's parent know the impact gymnastics would have on her life; becoming her career and life passion. 


Kimberly is a designated Chartered Professional Coach, she is a professional with over 15 years of coaching experience and 27 years of experience with the sport of gymnastics. She holds her National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Competition 4, NCCP Trampoline 2, an IGC Professional Coaching Diploma, NCCP Coach Evaluator Certification and post-secondary education in Business and Nutrition for Health through the Vancouver Island University & Athabasca University. 

Over the years, Kimberly has had some unique coaching and education experiences that have helped shape the framework of her programming. Working in small local clubs on Vancouver Island, and expanding to large High Performance programs. 

Kimberly moved to Nanaimo after high school to study at the Vancouver Island University in their Business program. The plan was to coach only recreational gymnastics, and to focus on getting a "real job" as she used to call it. Long story short, she did not pursuit business in the traditional sense; though she is so grateful to have gone to university and find myself benefiting from that program daily in my work running the gymnastics centre. Throughout her time at university she ended up with an amazing National level mentor-ship with Nanaimo Gymnastics School Head Coach, Megan Conway. Megan took Kimberly under her wing and taught her much of the technical knowledge she still shares with athletes and coaches today, and most importantly, she reignited Kimberly's passion for gymnastics coaching and showed her it could be an amazing and fulfilling career. 

Since then, Kimberly worked in Pennsylvania at a 5-gym state of the art gymnastics facility, earning her IGC Professional Coaching Diploma Year 1; Where she worked alongside Olympic Athletes and Coaches such as Nastia Luikin, Brent and Bruno Klaus, Paul Reggeri, Oskana Chusovitna, Svetlana Boginskya and more.  She then spent 4 years coaching at the prestigious Calgary Gymnastics Centre alongside program director Janna Ball and many amazing technical directors and mentors such as Gerrit Beltman, Steve Arkell and four time Olympic Coach, David Kenwright. Here she had the opportunity to work as the Developmental Director and work with some amazing young talents who earned placement at National Training Camps, metalled in National level competitions and many of which are still on the Canadian National Team today. 

Kimberly believes that an Active Start, leads kids to be Active for Life. Gymnastics is an amazing sport to develop motor, sensory, cognitive and creative development in children. She is passionate about helping build the sport in Whitehorse from a grassroots level all the way up to the highest goals a child can dream. 

Stephanie Caron (formally Pike) 
Currently Acting as Head Coach covering Kim's Maternity leave  

Like much of the staff at Polarettes, Stephanie grew up at Polarettes. As a born and raised Yukoner, Stephanie started in gymnastics at the age of three and spent many years as a competitive gymnast. Although she stopped competing when she was 12, she continued to be involved in the sport. Her first coaching experience was when she was 13 and she spent the rest of her high school life coaching at Polarettes. 


While in high school, she competed for the Yukon as a soccer player at multiple local, national and international tournaments including Arctic Winter Games, Nationals, and Canada Summer Games. After completing an undergraduate degree in Natural Resource Management from Vancouver Island University and a graduate degree in Environmental Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University, she returned to Whitehorse with the intention of working in her field and volunteering as a soccer coach. She has spent the past three years coordinating the Timbits First Kicks soccer program and coaching various soccer teams including the Juvenile Girls Futsal Team that travelled to AWG in Hay River.


After three years of working for Yukon Government and the Yukon Research Centre, she felt an undeniable pull back to the gymnastics gym. With perfect timing, she applied for the Developmental Coordinator position and after an initial conversation (that lasted 2 hours) with Kim, she was sold on the atmosphere, programs and opportunity.


In her down time, you may see her on a mountain or two with her husky, Luna, and husband Kevin. She is always looking for a new challenge or adventure (preferably on a mountain bike, but feet will work too) and is another great example of how being in sports as a kid can play a role as an adult. Fun fact about Stephanie: apparently she is good at disc golf and claims to have won every tournament she has ever played in.

Certified Coaches These coaches are professional staff who are a minimum of NCCP Gymnastics Foundations Certified, these coaches a minimum of 15 years old and have undergone our Coach-in-Training and Apprentice coach program, or have completed additional training and have various levels of experience. They are certified, have their first aid training, undergo yearly criminal record & vulnerable sector checks, are respect in sport certified and have gone through the Making Ethical Decisions module.  These coaches assist in training our junior staff and are supervised by our management team. 

Naomi Diaz (Her/She)

Genevieve Favreau  (Her/She)

Cassandra Henderson  (Her/She)

Corey Baxter  (Her/She)

Tania Doyle (Her/She)

Megan Banks (Her/She)

Caitlyn Venasse (Her/She)

Ewan Campbell (He/Him)

Jessica Woodhouse (Her/She)

Asa Gishler (He/Him)

Alexis Benson (Her/She)

Emily King (Her/She)

Bianca Berko-Malvasio (Her/She)

Arthur Mauro (He/Him)

Sasha Kozmen (Her/She)

Kalina Morrison (Her/She)

Riley Boland (Her/She)

Sascha Nelson (Her/She)

Mackenzie Tonner (Her/She)

Ava Jampolsky (Her/She)

Ella Paldy (Her/She)
Maude Molgat (Her/She)
Kate Koepke (Her/She)

Jaxson Sheardown (He/Him) 

Olivier P (He/Him) 

Lauren Dieckman (Her/She)

Mayson Peters (He/Him) 

Emily Otteli (Her/She) 

Apprentice Coaches These coaches are paid staff who are working towards certificate in coaching, they coach with a senior certified coach and have their respect in sport training, standard first aid and a minimum of 30 hours of volunteering experience with a senior coach. These coaches are working towards full certification and are undergoing a mentor program. Minimum age is 14 years old.

Jake Tipton (He/Him)

Amelie Guilbeault (Her/She)

Coaches-In-Training These coaches are working towards certificate in coaching, they are volunteer coaches who work with a senior certified coach and have their respect in sport training. These coaches are working towards full certification and are undergoing the first steps in our mentor program. Minimum age is 13 years old. 


Olivia Vangel (Her/She) 

Lily Witten (Her/She)

Emma Duncan (Her/She)

Chloe McClements (Her/She) 

Adria Gallina (Her/She)