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Polarettes is moving to a new facility


For the past 9 years, Polarettes Gymnastics Club has been advocating for more space. We could see the demand from our community, with long waitlists and exponential growth, we could see we were quickly outgrowing our current facility. 


We are extremely grateful to the Government of Canada and Government of Yukon for this support on this project, and that a Whitehorse Gymnastics and Climbing facility is being built in Whistlebend with estimated completion March 31st, 2025. 

Where is the project at right now? 


  • The design of the building structure for this project has been finalized

  • The contract has been awarded to Johnston Builders 

  • They are actively pouring concrete and doing foundation work at the Whistlebend site on Goddard Way

Who is purchasing the equipment and designing the floor plan? 

The club is responsible for purchasing all of the equipment for the new facility. An estimated bill of 1.2 million dollars. 

  • With the help of our dedicated board, staff, and members we have fund raised just under $400,000 for the new facility 

  • We are actively collaborating with local funding groups and are in a strong position to meet our contribution. 

The club is responsible for designing the floor plan of the apparatus. We are actively working with Speith Canada, the largest equipment manufacture in the country, to establish the final floor plan. 

  • The Speith Canada representatives will be flying to Whitehorse in January to finalize the design 

  • Once finalized, a sketch will be rendered and shared with the community 

What is happening with the old equipment? 

The club purchased and owns all of our current gymnastics equipment (mats, bars, etc...). Whatever is in great condition, will come with us to the new facility. Whatever is showing wear and tear but still has some life will be donated to local sport and recreation groups. 


We will be taking applications for mats closer to the move and will distribute to groups. 

Are you keeping the facility in Riverdale? 

No - This is a move from Riverdale to Whistlebend for us. Polarettes will be exclusively be running the facility in Whistlebend. The new facility is nearly three times the size of our current space. All of the equipment will be removed from the Riverdale facility when we move out & it will be left empty and ready for it's new life and purpose. 

We've loved our current space, we've just outgrown it. It'll be weird to move out and turn off the lights one last time. It'll be left as a large, empty, concrete floored building. ​The Government will decide what the old facility will be used for. 

In the News

News of the facility is public - Here's some past articles: 

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